Petrina Entertainer and Singer
I'm excited to tell you about this scholarship designed for relatives of Villages Homeowners. The family member may reside  ANYWHERE in the United States and must be in their graduating year of high school (application details bottom of this page).

My name is Petrina, an Entertainer and Singer here in The Villages, Florida.   I moved here from United Kingdom in 2008 and became an American Citizen in 2014.  I absolutely love this wonderful opportunity to spend the second half of my life in this country. Thanks to my sister 'Julia' sponsoring me 13 years prior to my moving here, my world has blossomed and my support from fans and family has been just overwhelming.  

Being an entertainer is natural for me; to let go and have fun; to make other people happy.   It is my wish to make my audience feel good about themselves, as well as to bring them laughter.  I continue to strive to be the best I can be and I want to encourage others to do the same, to believe in themselves.   I'm happy and secure as a woman and entertainer, and because I am in this good place in my life, I feel it's a good time to give back and encourage goodness to our peers and to keep learning and growing myself.

The Scholarship is named iSparkle
 and stands for things you can 
'do and have done' to help others

L=Lift Spirits
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If your relative is a senior in high school and involved in efforts to create atmospheres of inclusion for their peers, particularly those peers prone to bullying or exclusion, and meet the values of iSparkle, then they are eligible to apply. ​Applications are NOW being accepted and we hope to decide by March 2020.

How To Apply: Applicants must make a selfie 2 to 3 minute video, example below - you can use smartphones, video cameras, laptop camera.  Applicants need to use as many of the letters of iSparkle and tell us how you have made a difference for your peers who experience bullying or exclusion in your school and/or community. Also, tell us what was your outcome success? Send your video link to [email protected] Please use YouTube or Vimeo or other platforms, you can set your settings to non public if you wish, but just make sure we are able to connect and listen to your application by making sure you link is unlisted or made public, please DO NOT REMOVE until further notice.  

We do also need the name and address details of your relative who lives in The Villages.

Good Luck and I look forward to hearing your wonderful experiences.

Meet some of our winners below.

2019 Winner of $2,000 Sophia Schiavone

2019 Winner of $500 Peyton Rayleigh

2018 Winner of $2,000 Emily Padgett

2017 Winner of $500 Conner

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Talk of the Villages link by Jane Bloom

I cannot thank my team enough to help me achieve iSparkle 
Jane Bloom Vice President
Bob Bloom Treasurer
Rosemary Ahrens Team Events Coordinator and Secretary
Also Event's helpers Donna Wolf and Ann Smalley

Bowling Tournament Fundraiser organizer Sandy Knuth email [email protected]
Sunday, 29th March 2pm

Golf Tournament organizer Penny Schritz and her team of helpers  2020 click here
if you wish to join us for September 12th 2020 please contact Penny on [email protected]

also previous organizers Donna Palumbo for Bowling in 2015
and Linda Bernat for Water Volleyball in 2015
Want to help raise money for iSparkle? There are many ways to do so. You can hold a small fundraiser like a bake sale or garage sale; you can put on a fundraising event such as a dinner/dance; hold a scramble golf tournament or a bowling game; and support Petrina’s variety of shows including song, dance, comedy. Contact us at [email protected] and let us know your ideas.